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by Suzuki Satomi

Hello. I am Satomi Suzuki. I was born and grew up in a town six km away from the shooting location of Oshin, the famous NHK morning TV series, and based in Tokyo now.

I majored in Media Art at the College of Fine Art, and after my graduation worked for a beverage company for ten years for their advertisement and promotion. After that I studied design planning theory in graduate school, and have been working with my artist’s name “Sumifude” since 2014.

My representative works are: “ORI” series which show multiple-viewpoints and multiple-dimensions learned from ukiyo-e, traditional Japanese woodcut printing, “Diagonal Stripe Series” which succeeds tradition of the culture of stripes in the Edo period, “Nature Frottage Series” to collect frottage in forests in Tokyo using my body and media and “Tokyo Dango” which represent architectures in Tokyo.

Oda-collection (registered design, exhibited the Milan Design Week), Grand-prix in a traditional Japanese sweets contest, Prized in the International Print Triennial Kraków, Prized in the International Mokuhanga Assoc, Tokyo University of the Arts, Master of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibition
– 2015.09.15-2015.09.27 Yu-hisai Ko-do-kan | Kyoto JAPAN

Group Exhibition
– 2016.01.26- The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2015.09.1 The International Print Triennial Krakow, The Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki | Krakow POLAND
– 2015.04.12-2015.04.19 Fuori Salone, Milan Design Week, iPadiglione Visconti | Milano ITALY
– 2014.10.28-2014.11.06 The Kyo-gashi Design Award, Yu-hisai Ko-do-kan | Kyoto JAPAN
– 2014.09.10-2014.09.25 The International Mokuhanga Exhibition | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2010.12 Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest Award | Beijing CHINA
– 2008.12.20-2008.12.23  Ryokuin-Sesson-An Gallery | Ibaraki JAPAN
– 2008.12.20-2008.12.23 World Buddhist Center | New Delhi INDIA
– 2005.05.02-2005.05.03 Seaside Gallery | Kochi JAPAN
– 2001.01 Graduation Show, Yamagata Museum of Art | Yamagata JAPAN
– 2000.06 Entrance Gallery, Tohoku University of Art and Design | Yamagata JAPAN
– 1999.11.22 Open ceiling space 5F-7F, Tohoku University of Art and Design | Yamagata JAPAN
– 1999.01 Shibuya space EDGE | Tokyo JAPAN

– Copyright in Registered Design No:1546559 in Japan Patent Office,《SHITEN chair》

Public Collection
Oda Collection 2017 | Asahikawa JAPAN

Awards and Grants
– Prize in International Print Triennial Krakow 2015.09|Krakow POLAND
– The subsidy for TDW Milano Salone by Design Association NPO 2015.04|Tokyo JAPAN
– Grand-prix winner in the Kyo-gashi Design Award, traditional Japanese sweets contest 2014.10|Kyoto JAPAN
– Prize in International Mokuhanga Exhibition 2014.09|Tokyo JAPAN
– Prize in Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest Award 2010.12|Beijing CHINA
– The Chinese government scholarship 2007.09|CHINA
– Cannes Lions Media Gold winners 54th 2007.06|Cannes FRANCE
– Prize in Seaside Gallery T-shirts Art Contest 2005.05|Kochi JAPAN

Work Shop
– 2018.12. Spicy Christmas for Starbucks at Lohas Kids Center CLOVER | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2013.12.18 Kaleidoscopes Work Shop at the exhibition〈SENSE of Wonder〉 | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2013.11.02-03 Touch of Typography for the magazine『MOZ』| Tokyo JAPAN

Publications and Media
– The book The World of Edible Arts: Traditional Kyoto-style Sweets and Rimpa-school『京菓子と琳派: 食べるアートの世界Tanko-sha publisher 淡交社 2015
– BS日テレ出演「TOKYO DESIGN」 2015, I was on TV and introduced the 《SHITEN chair》.
– I contributed an article titled “Anpan-man is a signification of women’s breasts | アンパンマンはおっぱいの記号である” on the Agora opinion website. 2014
– A daily newspaper Kyoto Shimbun published 京都新聞 2014.10.31

Educational Background
– Tokyo University of the Arts, Design Planning and Theory | Master of Fine Arts 2013-2016
– Central Academy of Fine Arts, Traditional Woodblock Printing | Undergraduate Research Students 2007-2008
– Tohoku University of Art and Design, Media Arts | Bachelor of Design 1997-2001

Business Career in Company
– Suntory marketing & commerce (promotional planner)2009-2013
– SUN-AD(commercial account executive, producer)2003-2008

Participated Projects of my office worker era
IKEA Launch communications, Cannes Lions Media Gold winners (Pr) / Suntory Campari Graphics (Pr) / Suntory Kahlua Graphics (Pr) / JT MILD SEVEN 30th (Pr) / Fuji-film FinePix (Pr) / film『Hana yori mo Naho』Publicity art (Pr) / EIZO (Pr) / Cold Stone Creamery Japan (Pr) / Suntory KURO-oolong Tea TVCM (Pl) / Suntory beer Kin-Mugi sampling promotion (Pl) / Takanashi-Milk Products promotion (Pl) / PRONT promotion (Pl) / First Kitchen promotion (Pl) ...and more.
Pr: Producer Pl: Planner

Japanese Culture Background
– Shigeru Shindo〈Ukiyo-e and Mathematics〉Course, 3 years
– International Ukiyo-e Society, 3 years
– Japanese floral art, Ikebana Sogetsu-ryu, 3 years
– Lectures on Bonsai, 1 year
– Lectures on Japanese Calligraphy, 9 years
– Lectures on Painting in Chinese ink, 1 year

©Sumifude by Suzuki Satomi. all rights reserved.