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by Suzuki Satomi

《Tokyo Dango》
architecture dango project

Dango are traditional Japanese sweets made of sticky rice. It is the ultimate finger food which could be either a snack or a meal. It is also a food which carries local flavor. This is a project to create architecture which forms a view of Tokyo by using dango which the climate of Japan produced and which also created the culture of Japan.

crayon design

Crayons which re-image our concept of color. When you look at a red apple carefully, you will find the color is blended with green and brown. The color of sky also changes as time goes by. The colors in nature are not simple, but rather complex. They also change when time passes. We tend to oversimplify or categorize things for ease or convenience. By doing this, however, we may miss something significant or important for us. These crayons also have the self-contradiction of limiting the choice of colors, and represent the difficulty of expressing the range of colors.

《first clock》
clock design

An educational first clock for children to learn how to tell time. It introduces duodecimal and hexadecimal systems in an easy-to-understand way. Because it is easier for children to recognize shapes than colors, the clock has special arrangements for the numbers and pointing arms. Two colors, dark red and pale blue, are used because they are also easy for color-blind people to recognize.

《Read a Book Shelves》

A project of visiting houses to see their book shelves, and illustrating that person’s world I imagine. I have been doing this for almost all my life.

media art, Macromedia Director

Work on an attempt to transform sound into writing. Using Macromedia Director, the four different intonations and syllables of Chinese language in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching are visualized. It is an attempt at Oto no sho, the writing of sounds.

media art, Macromedia Director

A game of creating one’s own Japanese garden park. The title of the work was named after Sakuteiki which is the oldest book in Japan on gardens.

《Mourning Works》
kinetic installation, blower and control timer

My first artistic creation. Its theme is the “mourning works” which one does when facing his/her death.mixed media, blower and control timer

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