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by Suzuki Satomi

Sumifude by Suzuki Satomi

美術家。東京を拠点に Sumifude(すみふで)名義で日本の古今文化を機軸に創作活動を行う。代表作は浮世絵にみられる複数遠近法の次元変換をテーマにした作品《SHITEN chair》, 琳派を不易と流行の2層で表現した和菓子《硯箱》 。 織田コレクション収蔵, Krakow国際版画トリエンナーレ入選, 国際木版画展入選, Milano Salone Fuori 出展, 京菓子展デザイン部門大賞, 日中友好協会推薦中国政府奨学金ほか。東京藝術大学大学院修了(美術修士号)。

Solo Exhibition
– 2015.09.15-2015.09.27 Yu-hisai Ko-do-kan | Kyoto JAPAN

Group Exhibition
– 2016.01.26- The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2015.09.1 The International Print Triennial Krakow, The Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki | Krakow POLAND
– 2015.04.12-2015.04.19 Fuori Salone, Milan Design Week, iPadiglione Visconti | Milano ITALY
– 2014.10.28-2014.11.06 The Kyo-gashi Design Award, Yu-hisai Ko-do-kan | Kyoto JAPAN
– 2014.09.10-2014.09.25 The International Mokuhanga Exhibition | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2010.12 Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest Award | Beijing CHINA
– 2008.12.20-2008.12.23  Ryokuin-Sesson-An Gallery | Ibaraki JAPAN
– 2008.12.20-2008.12.23 World Buddhist Center | New Delhi INDIA
– 2005.05.02-2005.05.03 Seaside Gallery | Kochi JAPAN
– 2001.01 Graduation Show, Yamagata Museum of Art | Yamagata JAPAN
– 2000.06 Entrance Gallery, Tohoku University of Art and Design | Yamagata JAPAN
– 1999.11.22 Open ceiling space 5F-7F, Tohoku University of Art and Design | Yamagata JAPAN
– 1999.01 Shibuya space EDGE | Tokyo JAPAN

– Copyright in Registered Design No:1546559 in Japan Patent Office,《SHITEN chair》

Public Collection
Oda Collection 2017 | Asahikawa JAPAN

Awards and Grants
– Prize in International Print Triennial Krakow 2015.09|Krakow POLAND
– The subsidy for TDW Milano Salone by Design Association NPO 2015.04|Tokyo JAPAN
– Grand-prix winner in the Kyo-gashi Design Award, traditional Japanese sweets contest 2014.10|Kyoto JAPAN
– Prize in International Mokuhanga Exhibition 2014.09|Tokyo JAPAN
– Prize in Beijing in the Eyes of Foreign Friends Photo Contest Award 2010.12|Beijing CHINA
– The Chinese government scholarship 2007.09|CHINA
– Cannes Lions Media Gold winners 54th 2007.06|Cannes FRANCE
– Prize in Seaside Gallery T-shirts Art Contest 2005.05|Kochi JAPAN

Work Shop
– 2018.12. Spicy Christmas for Starbucks at Lohas Kids Center CLOVER | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2013.12.18 Kaleidoscopes Work Shop at the exhibition〈SENSE of Wonder〉 | Tokyo JAPAN
– 2013.11.02-03 Touch of Typography for the magazine『MOZ』| Tokyo JAPAN

Publications and Media
– The book The World of Edible Arts: Traditional Kyoto-style Sweets and Rimpa-school『京菓子と琳派: 食べるアートの世界Tanko-sha publisher 淡交社 2015
– BS日テレ出演「TOKYO DESIGN」 2015, I was on TV and introduced the 《SHITEN chair》.
– I contributed an article titled “Anpan-man is a signification of women’s breasts | アンパンマンはおっぱいの記号である” on the Agora opinion website. 2014
– A daily newspaper Kyoto Shimbun published 京都新聞 2014.10.31

Educational Background
– Tokyo University of the Arts, Design Planning and Theory | Master of Fine Arts 2013-2016
– Central Academy of Fine Arts, Traditional Woodblock Printing | Undergraduate Research Students 2007-2008
– Tohoku University of Art and Design, Media Arts | Bachelor of Design 1997-2001

Business Career in Company
– Suntory marketing & commerce (promotional planner)2009-2013
– SUN-AD(commercial account executive, producer)2003-2008

Participated Projects of my office worker era
IKEA Launch communications, Cannes Lions Media Gold winners (Pr) / Suntory Campari Graphics (Pr) / Suntory Kahlua Graphics (Pr) / JT MILD SEVEN 30th (Pr) / Fuji-film FinePix (Pr) / film『Hana yori mo Naho』Publicity art (Pr) / EIZO (Pr) / Cold Stone Creamery Japan (Pr) / Suntory KURO-oolong Tea TVCM (Pl) / Suntory beer Kin-Mugi sampling promotion (Pl) / Takanashi-Milk Products promotion (Pl) / PRONT promotion (Pl) / First Kitchen promotion (Pl) ...and more.
Pr: Producer Pl: Planner

Japanese Culture Background
– Shigeru Shindo〈Ukiyo-e and Mathematics〉Course, 3 years
– International Ukiyo-e Society, 3 years
– Japanese floral art, Ikebana Sogetsu-ryu, 3 years
– Lectures on Bonsai, 1 year
– Lectures on Japanese Calligraphy, 9 years
– Lectures on Painting in Chinese ink, 1 year

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